We Need to Stop Aspiring to be Color Blind

  • Listen to our children when they talk about their experience in the world and respond with support.
  • Focus on the beauty and richness of our children’s racial identity and carefully curate the messages we allow into our homes — through our televisions, music, and literature.
  • Stop pretending racism doesn’t exist, but instead educate our children and ourselves on the best ways to respond.
  • Acknowledge that to be non-racist is not enough; we need to be anti-racist. We need to take a stand against all racial transgressions towards our children.
  • Allow our children to identify with whatever racial identity they choose, and for bi-racial children this distinction may be fluid.
  • Address our own racist thoughts and behaviors as they come up and educate ourselves on racial prejudice in all its forms.



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Tammy Rabideau

Tammy Rabideau

Author of NY Times Modern Love essay: When the Ball Dropped; educated in sociology and psychology; 3 decades of self-study in personal development.